Toujeo Solostar Prefilled Pens Pack of 5

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insulin glargine (rDNA orign)

Antidiabetic Agent

Long-acting Recombinant Human Inulin Analogue


TOUJEO (insulin garine injection) is a long-acting human insulin analogue. TOUJEO is produced by recombinant DNA technology a non-pathogenic laboratory strin of Escherichia coi (K12) as the production organism.  TOUJEO is supplied as a sterile solution containing 300 Unit/mL of insulin glargine for subcutaneous injection.

Insulin glargine differs from natural human insulin in that the amino acid asparagine at position 21 of the A-chain is replaced by glcine and two arginines remain at the C-terminus of the B-chain (see here for the TOUJEO monograph directly from Sanofi


Pediatrics (<18years of age):

The safety and effectiveness of TOUJEO have not been established in pediatric population.

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