The Pump Now Pay Later Program ®

Easy Payment Terms

What is the Pump Now Pay Later Program ® and how does it work?

The Pump Now Pay Later Program ® is a NON CREDIT based financial support service offered by Diabetes Express ®.  This means we do not check your credit score or access your personal files.  Our services are all  based on trust and building relationships.  Once on the Pump Now Pay Later Program ® you will be able to order your supplies, have them delivered the next business day and NOT pay for 45 days or until you need to order again ( whichever comes first )  Nice! N’est Pas?

Okay…How do I start building our relationship? 

That is easy as pie, just do what you normally.  Order your supplies monthly for three consecutive months, pay for them at the point of purchase in whichever way is more convenient for you ( Credit Card) and VOILA you are approved for the Pump Now Pay Later Program.


I have completed and agreed to the terms now what?

First, we’d like to say congrats!  Welcome to the PNPL family!
Next, feel free to place your order online or over the phone and checkout using the " I am on the Pump Now Pay Later Program"

Interested? Have Questions?  Need Answers?

No Problem, here some convenient ways to get in contact with our Customer Loyalty Team

  • Call us:  1-866-418-3392
  • Email Us:
  • Live Chat