How long does it take to get my order?

Orders placed before 3:00pm EST are processed and shipped the same day. Any orders after 3:00pm EST, may be shipped the next day, but we will try our best to process it as quickly as possible. You can expect your order to arrive within 1-2 business days.

When do you ship insulin?

Insulin is only shipped Monday - Thursday. The reason for this is because we want to ensure the integrity of the product when it arrives at your door.

My supplies are covered by:

The provincial government how does that work?

Diabetes Express can directly bill any government plan except for Ontario.  Ontario requires that you pay for your orders first and they will send you the ADP cheque every 3 months.  We can make it easier for you, by offering the Pump Now Pay Later Program®

All other provinces that have direct billing if you are approved already for example:  BCPharmacare, Alberta, Manitoba etc., we will need to get your personal information including name of the patient, your card number and will process it directly to them.

Province Can we bill their insulin pump program directly?
Nova Scotia Yes
New Brunswick Yes
Newfoundland Yes
British Columbia Yes
Quebec Yes
Ontario No
Alberta Yes
Manitoba Yes
Saskchewan Yes


A private insurance company how does that work?

Most private insurance companies will not accept a direct bill of the insulin pump supplies, but they will accept insulin, strips and other items if on prescription.  This is one of the reasons we created the Pump Now Pay Later Program® .  It allows you to purchase and submit to insurance and pay within 45 days or your next order, whichever comes first.