Medtronic Mio Advance


SKU: MMT-242600

MiniMed Mio Advance is a 90-degree infusion set that is pre-loaded, easy to hold, and there’s just one button to press to insert. It has an all-in-one serter design and hidden needle before, during and after use. Mio Advance requires fewer insertion steps than other sets*- so less to remember and less to do! (*IFU and User Guide Comparison. Medtronic data on file.)

  • One-handed insertion to help you reach more site options
  • 90-degree infusion set
  • Hidden needle before, during and after insertion
  • Friendly packaging to carry in pocket or purse
Usage Information:

  • Available in a 6mm soft cannula.
  • 90 degree insertion.
  • Safe Needle Disposal System.
For a better insulin absorption, and to help avoid insulin degradation and infusion set occlusion, you should change your infusion regularly. It is recommended to change your Mio Advance infusion set every 48 to 72 hours.