Dexcom Skull & Crossbones G6 Patch



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Ahoy there! Whether you be lookin’ for a terrifying Skull & Crossbones, or simply a set to make Polly on your shoulder sing with glee, you be finding the right Dexcom Patches here me matey!

That’s right, RockaDex has a brilliant Pirate inspired Skull & Crossbones patch for your Dexcom G6 that will protect you from the scurvy of the sea monsters, determined to make your G6 treasure fall from your stomach or arm!!

Here at RockaDex, we love to create shapes and colours to inspire the imaginations of our customers, so regardless of whether you plan on walking the plank today, our Dexcom Skull & Crossbones patch will keep you protected and looking awesome for upto a weeks worth of wearing! We understand the importance of securing sensors, CGMs and pumps, so our range of tape and cut-out options for diabetic devices are designed to give you maximum life and protection, while looking completely awesome!


  • Package includes 1 x Skull & Crossbones Shaped Sensor Patch in selected colour
  • Designed to fit Dexcom G6 Sensors
  • Terrifying Skull & Crossbones shaped design
  • Available in many colours (please select from pull down menu above)
  • Protect and give life to your Dexcom G6
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