Dexcom Silicone Receiver Case G4/G5


SKU: 12359

Please note all medical supplies are final sales. Please see our returns policy for further details.

The RockaDex Dexcom Cases are designed to protect and add some funky flair to your Dexcom G4 and G5 Receivers. Here at RockaDex, we have designed these cases with a high quality silicone, that is hard-wearing, comes in a range of colours (select from menu above) and will protect you from accidents that could otherwise cause damage to your G4/G5.

Our range of silicone cases are purpose built and designed for the specific job of protecting and styling your G4 and G5 receiver. This means that they not only fit snug, but have openings in all the right places so you can easily see and monitor your glucose anywhere, whether you are at home, work or school.

If your Dexcom Receiver breaks, sure you may be able to replace it, but this not only costs money, but time and will also render your current sensor useless. All these reasons mount up and for this reason, our extended family of RockaDex diabetics love our silicone cases!

Obviously it is still important to be careful with your Dexcom meter, but this added protection gives adult diabetics and parents of type 1 kids another layer of security to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

The silicone we use has a special non-slip backing that ensures your G4/G5 won’t get away from you and disappear down the side of your couch, car seat or bedside table!

Here at RockaDex, we understand the things that make life hard as a diabetic and our range of products is purpose built and tested to work for all diabetic families. Our silicone cases are unique, stylish, protective and will give you peace of mind that the diabetic in your life has another tool to ensure a constant BGL.


  • Designed to fit Dexcom G4 and Dexcom G5 Receivers
  • Made from silicone
  • Offers protection from accidental droppages
  • 10 colour options to match your outfits, moods and personalities
All medical supplies are final sales. Please see our returns policy for further details.