Day Time Ultra Thin Bunion Alinger


$46.98 $59.99

Infracare Ultra-thin Bunion aligner is made of a special material called power net.  It gently re-aligns the big toe towards its natural position to help minimize bunion pain & discomfort.   

Direction for use:

Just slip it over the big toe, pull it under the arch and latch it to back of feet. You should notice an immediate difference.

Features & Benefits:

  • Made of special material called POWER-NET that is breathable & provides a comfortable fit
  • Can be used stand-alone with or without Orthotics
  • Provides relief from Bunion pain and dis-comfort
  • Improves flexion movement
  • Can help delay Arthritis of the big toe & helps to keep the big toe in alignment
  • Provides arch support
  • Kit comes with silicone gel toe separators
  • Fits comfortably into shoes