DiaScale Nutritional Scale

Diabetes Express, A Division of Bayshore Specialty Rx Ltd.

SKU: 11636

Diabetes Express is proud to announce the arrival of the DiaScale™ Nutritional Scale made especially for the diabetes community.

This scale comes with all the features we expect from a scale including:

  • Weighs food portions and calculates nutritional values by actual portion size
  • Food database of over 900 dry and liquid foods
  • Calculates calories, fat, cholesterol, fiber, protein, sodium and carbohydrates by portion
  • Touch controls
  • Ultra thin Unique readout displays all nutritional values on one screen
  • Add & weigh tare function
  • 2 - 3V batteries included
  • 2 Year warranty

But what makes it SUPER special is the fact that it gives back to the community. Once purchased you can fill out our registration form, include the unique serial number on the side of the box and we will donate $5 from every purchase to a diabetes foundation of your choice.

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