Diabetes Express

$6.52 $9.93

The Insul-Cap TM accessory will make managing your diabetes a little bit easier, which can make a big difference. The Insul-Cap is applied to the top of the insulin bottle and has a needle guide to help direct the syringe when loading it with insulin, saving you the frustration of broken needles caused by misalignment. Each packaged set comes with two caps for your convenience should you require a spare or if you mix insulin.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Allows for safe and convenient loading of syringes for patients restricted to the use of only one hand, unstable hands, or who have visual problems
  • Fits Eli Lilly*, Novo Nordisk* and Aventis Lantus* insulin bottles
  • PERFECT for loading pump cartridges and reservoirs
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Allows user to withdraw hard-to-reach insulin from the bottom of the bottle, thus keeping expensive insulin from being needlessly wasted
  • Package set comes with two different colored caps for identification when mixing insulin