Infracare Socks for cold feet due to Diabetes, Chilblains or Raynaud's



Cold feet could be due to Raynauds of the feet, Peripheral vascular disease ( PVD). Underlying conditions can include arthritis, diabetes, which can get aggravated due to cold weather conditions. Night times can be particularly difficult.

These socks are embedded with Bio-materials that work on proven scientific principles to deliver infra-sound waves that warm up your feet. If you are suffering from cold feet due to a medical condition such as poor circulation, diabetes, Raynaud’s disease, use Infracare socks for 2 weeks and you will notice that your feet feel warmer when wearing them.

Custom designed fit for the calf helps prevent constriction.
Socks stretch twice their size at the calf to allow for a custom, non-binding fit.
Latex free.
Made of 100% breathable materials for maximum comfort.
Satisfaction guaranteed by the manufacturer.

90% cotton
5% polyurethane
5% Bio Materials including Tourmaline

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