Holiday Update

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Holidays are approaching, delivery times will be impacted with all couriers. Please consider increasing your order quantity, to ensure you have enough supplies to last you through the holiday period.

 Increased quantities are subject to private and/or public coverage limitations. Any orders placed too early based on the prescribed usage, will be only filled once permitted by the private plan or pump program. If your order is too early, please look for a notification from Diabetes Express with detailed information on when your order can be expected to ship.

 Insulin: *Due to temperature sensitivity and shipping delays, the last date to ship insulin Nationwide is Wednesday, December 14th, 2022, insulin shipments will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd , 2023*

 Holiday Hours/Closure


December 23rd , 2022

8:30AM – 7:00PM EST

December 24th, 2022

10:00AM – 2:00PM EST

December 25th, 26th and 27th 2022


December 28th, 29th, 30th 2022

8:30AM – 7:00PM EST

December 31st, 2022

10:00AM – 2:00PM EST

January 1st , 2nd   2023


January 3rd , 2023 – resume our regular business hours 8:30AM – 7:00PM EST.






NOTE: BC Pharmacare coverage ends on Dec 30th, 2022, and your deductible resets on Jan 1st, 2023. To have your order count towards your Pharmacare 2022 deductible, please ensure your order is placed no later than 3:30pm PST on Fri Dec 30, 2022.*

All National Pharmacies except AB

Closed on December 25th, 26th, 27th, and January 1st , 2nd ,  2023


Closed on December 25th, 26th, and January 1st , 2nd ,  2023


Wishing you a Happy Holidays from our family to yours – Diabetes Express